Bill Walsh on Getting Back Into the Game


  1. … expect defeat.
    It’s a given when the stakes are high and the competition is working ferociously to beat you. If you’re surprised when it happens, you’re dreaming; dreamers don’t last long.
  2. … force yourself to stop looking backward and dwelling on the professional “train wreck” you have just been in.
    It’s mental quicksand.
  3. … allow yourself appropriate recovery – grieving – time.
    You’ve been knocked senseless; give yourself a little time to recuperate.
    A keyword here is “little.” Don’t let it drag on.
  4. … tell yourself, “I am going to stand and fight again,” with the knowledge that often when things are at their worst you’re closer than you can imagine to success.
    Our Super Bowl victory arrived less than sixteen months after my “train wreck” in Miami.
  5. … begin planning for your next serious encounter.
    The smallest steps – plans – move you forward on the road to recovery.
    Focus on the fix.


  1. … ask, “Why me?”
  2. … expect sympathy.
  3. … bellyache.
  4. … keep accepting condolences.
  5. … blame others.

Bill Walsh, The Score Takes Care Of Itself