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How to Use Goals to Stay Motivated Over the Long Haul

Goals contribute in a very important way to stay motivated long-term. They determine what you perceive, generate positive emotions, and motivate you when you make progress. Today, we’ll look at why that’s the case and how we can use the power of goals in our daily lives.

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“We need two blood bags uncrossed immediately! We’re reanimating now!”, the women on the phone told me. I knew what I had to do and handed the phone off to my colleague with one word:…

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Don’t Underestimate What You Know

Over the last year many friends told me: “Why do you write about this?It’s common knowledge.Everyone knows.It’s unnecessary.” What they failed to understand is that what is self-evident for you might blow someone else’s mind….

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One Question

If you were the only person on earth – would you still do what you currently do?