Dealing with Setbacks

Whenever I encounter setbacks, feel frustrated, or discouraged I turn to a specific page out of Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.

The writing on this page reminds me that whatever I’m going through is temporary, that the pursuit of excellence is difficult, and that I shouldn’t beat myself up for small bumps in the road.

Whenever you find yourself in a similar situation, I hope this helps you as well:

“Dealing with the temporary frustration of not making progress is an integral part of the path towards excellence. …
If the pursuit of excellence was easy, everyone would do it.
In fact, this impatience in dealing with frustration is the primary reason that most people fail to achieve their goals. Unreasonable expectations timewise, resulting in unnecessary frustration, due to a perceived feeling of failure.
Achieving the extraordinary is not a linear process.
The secret is to show up, do the work, and go home. A blue collar work ethic married to indomitable will. … Once the decision is made, simply refuse to budge. Refuse to compromise.
And accept that quality long-term results, require quality long-term focus. No emotion. No drama. No beating yourself up over small bumps in the road.
Learn to enjoy and appreciate the process. This is especially important because you are going to spend far more time on the actual journey than with those all too brief moments of triumph at the end.
Certainly celebrate the moments of triumph when they occur. More importantly, learn from defeats when they happen. In fact, if you are not encountering defeat on a fairly regular basis, you are not trying hard enough.
And absolutely refuse to accept less than your best.”

Christopher Summer, Tools of Titans

This is an edited version out of the book for better readability and understanding.