Guide to a Meaningful Life

Understand the importance of Meaning.

Understand why there’s nothing better for you to do than to live a meaningful life. Realize, how you’re connected and that what you do and don’t do matters.

Identify your sources of meaning.

Become deeply self-aware, explore your interests while paying close attention. Learn from your idols and find what you love doing.

Develop a vision for your life.

Do it badly, but make it good and meaningful and improve it with time.

Orient your life towards your vision.

Develop your purpose, step on the meaningful path and learn how to stay on it.

Control your mind.

Take responsibility for your life, stop making excuses and develop a growth-mindset. Learn macro patience and micro speed, live intentionally, negotiate with yourself fairly, embrace death and avoid regrets. Gain perspective by developing gratitude and humility.

Strengthen your body.

Exercise, eat and drink healthy, sleep well and recharge when needed.

Become consistent.

Develop discipline, habits, priorities and set up your environment to aid you.

Live authentically.

Be vulnerable, have friends who want the best for you, integrate your shadow and make peace with your past.

Create a Toolbox.

Meditate, journal, reflect, track, read, listen and organize.

Prepare for life’s storms.

Develop your character to withstand adversity, darkness and failure before they catch you off guard.

Spread meaning.

Teach, mentor and help others as you go through life.

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