A little update

So, I haven’t been posting much since I’ve announced the new monthly experiment at the start of May. My social media accounts have been mostly silent and most of you probably wonder what’s going on.

This post is here to clear a few things up and to tell you what’s next. A “project-update” if you will.

The Past

Back in April, I posted regularly but I’ve missed a social media post here and a blog post there. The reason for this was simple: my master’s thesis was going very well and I was tripling down on it until Eastern. When Eastern rolled around, some unexpected events happened in my family, that threw all of us for a loop and immediately afterward unexpected problems popped up in my private life. As a result, the work for my thesis suffered as well and all the stress associated with these problems increased the frequency and severity of my back pain which hasn’t gotten better since. As a result, many things had to take a backseat for a while and this project was among them.

The Present

Since then, I’ve been slowly crawling my way back on the meaningful path, so here’s a little update on what’s going on how things are at the moment.

First, my thesis is going a lot better now even though there is still a certain inconsistency. I should finish it by the end of June or a bit earlier.
I’ve updated my CV, applied for a full-time job, and will continue to apply for more jobs over the weeks and months to come.
I’m currently working on a blog post about Susan Wolf’s essay “Meaning and why it Matters”, which I will probably publish next week. This post covers one possible way of discovering meaning in life and is very practical.
Finally, I’ve started to organize all my notes, ideas, resources, and … STUFF… for this project – and my life for that matter – in a program called “Notion”. The idea is to have easy access to all my ideas and resources so I spend more time writing and rewriting instead of thinking about what to do next or looking for resources. As this is something I wanted to do for a long time, I may share more of this as time passes.

The Future

As of right now, I’ll be really busy with my thesis, job applications, getting back into exercise and eating healthy (yep, that suffered as well ), and be on alert for any further issues that need my attention.
At the same time, I’m re-implementing routines for this project and other important parts of my life and will expand them over time, so I create and share content soon again.
If there’s one thing that the last month has shown me is first, that I still have so much more to learn and grow, but most of all how important this project has been to me and how supportive many of the closest people around me have been. My friends and family have been a huge help and I’m really glad I can rely on their support in times of need.
At the same time, I am surprised and amazed at the support that all of you have shown me. During the last month, I’ve only lost 10 followers on Instagram and 2 on Twitter. This is beyond amazing and I truly appreciate your understanding and most importantly your patience while I bring all systems back online.

I’m deeply looking forward to spend more time on this project again and get back to regular content creation.

Your support and understanding means the world to me.

Now, more than usual:

Stay on the meaningful path my friends.

Read you soon!