Building a Morning Routine

All of us strive for more consistency in our lives.

We want to work out, read or meditate every day. We start with grandiose plans and good intentions, but soon our efforts decrease and we cut corners and make exceptions. Our consistency decreases. After a few weeks of struggle to keep up with our plans, we accept inconsistency as our normal behavior. We bury our ambitions and return to our old habits.

The Hidden Power of Consistency

“The acts of life we repeat every day need to be automatized. They must be turned into stable and reliable habits, so they lose their complexity and gain predictability and simplicity.”

Jordan Peterson, “12 Rules For Life”

One way of breaking out of this cycle is to establish habits that are easily maintained and executed – even if time is short or life gets in the way. Instead of trying to build multiple individual habits at once, bundling multiple habits together in a routine makes them easier to execute. If we make these routines part of our morning, we have the highest chance of staying consistent with our habits, as we can execute our routine before whatever happens during the day can interrupt our plans. Thus, a morning routine can be key to become consistent.

Yet, we might have days where we don’t get enough sleep, and sometimes we’ll be exhausted even after a full night of sleep. In short, life will get in the way and times get tough. To execute our routines even in those times, we need to select the habits carefully and make sure they don’t take too much energy and time, so we can execute them even when we are exhausted or short on time. We need to have habits with a  baseline that is achievable even in rough times.

This approach brings multiple benefits: We can always do more than our baseline if we have the time and energy for it. If times get tough, we can still stay on the path. The beauty of setting our morning routine up like this is that we can always do more. If we have time and energy we can go far beyond whatever our minimum morning routine is. But, during tough times we can stay on the path.

As my previous morning routine wasn’t set up this way, I became inconsistent when times got rough. Now, that I have set up a new morning routine, I want to invite you to build your own morning routine alongside me! If you are interested in my morning routine you can read more about it here.

The Experiment

“Developing a routine of predictable, daily disciplines prepares you to be victorious on the battlefield of life.”

Darren Hardy, “The Compound Effect”

The rules for this months experiment are as follows:

  1. Pick any number of habits that you want to implement as your morning routine.
  2. Make them so small, that your whole morning routine takes ten minutes or less.
  3. Track your progress in a journal, a calendar, or on a piece of paper.
  4. Keep yourself accountable by posting a progress picture every day on social media by using the hashtag #meaningfulpath

I’ll use the same hashtag to share my progress, so we can keep each other accountable and maybe you can kick my ass!

I’ll see you there!

Meanwhile, stay on the #meaningfulpath