What I’m doing now

What is this?

A public declaration of priorities.

Finishing my Thesis

I’m in the last stretch of finishing my master’s thesis about the genesis of the offence known as “Crimes against Humanity.”

Articulating a Pathway to Meaning

I’m writing about what composes a meaningful life.
This is an exercise in articulating what I believe to be helpful.

Rethinking my Habits

Reading Atomic Habits by James Clear challenged and improved how I think about habit-implementation.
Currently integrating what I’ve learned into my life.

Hi, I'm Waldemar!

I create content on why and how to live a meaningful life.

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A Valuable Newsletter

Most newsletters distract you. This one won’t. I only share what I find valuable and useful.
It’s free and on point.


Quote of the Month

Many of us struggle to find meaning in daily life. We are so absorbed by our work and distractions that we do not take time to reflect and ask ourselves where we are heading.

Alexander Den Heijer
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