Two Reasons You Get Nothing Done

To do anything worthwhile we have to act. We have to make progress. Yet, there are many excuses that we use to block our progress. Today, we’ll look at two.

1. “Do it properly or not at all!”

This is perfectionism masquerading as quality control. While it seems helpful in preventing embarrassment, failure, and defeat, it actually makes them more likely by preventing you from making any meaningful progress. Progress will be slow, imperfect, and wasted at times. That’s how taking a step in the right direction and getting better at anything works. It’s no reason to not make imperfect progress though because that’s the only way to learn, fail, and grow.

2. “I need to be ready. / I need more time.”

These are fear and/or excuses speaking. Before doing something you want to line up all your dominos before knocking the first one over. But, if you would simply make real progress, gather experience, fail, and then reflect on them, learn from them, and incorporate your feedback in your next approach, you’d learn much faster. And you may realize that your dominos are pointing in the wrong direction anyway – or that you’re using the wrong dominos.

Two Quick Tips That Might Help

Here’s what you can use against these two kinds of excuses:

If you have the choice between not doing something or doing it improperly, choose the latter.

If you know enough to take the first step, stop planning and gather some field experience.