Why you Should Care About Realizing your Potential

If you don’t, you won’t be able to deal well with the tragedies of existence and the catastrophies of life. You won’t be armed with the knowledge, the skills and the strengths that you know you could have. You won’t be able to go to bed in good conscience, knowing that you didn’t live your day to the fullest. Worse, you will set yourself up for regrets once you’re older and closer to death.

Worst of all, if you decide against realizing your potential, you will choose alternative ways to spend your time. You’ll play video games, eat junk food and waste your precious days amidst a flurry of expedient options.

This hurts you – short term and long term.
But, worse than that, it will hurt the people closest to you as well. All your flaws and insufficiencies cause unnecessary suffering to the people you love the most. As long as you don’t address them, you will continue to cause this suffering in the future – maybe for the rest of your life. In small and big ways, your decisions to waste your potential lead to precisely that suffering which you could have prevented. Multiply this by the millions of people that you will connect with over the course of your life and you see how much it matters to realize your potential.

Think about how much unnecessary suffering you could reduce, now and in the future. Think about how much more you could be, in all facets of life.

That’s why you should care about realizing your potential.